Harvard Business Review on Leadership

Harvard Business Review on Leadership
Harvard Business Review Paperback Series
Published by Harvard Business Press
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The Harvard Business Review paperback series is designed to bring today's managers and professionals the fundamental information they need to stay competitive in a fast-moving world. Here are the landmark ideas that have established the Harvard Business Review as required reading for ambitious businesspeople in organizations around the globe. From experienced CEOs to newly-minted managers who've just stepped into a supervisory role, leadership is a perennial concern for anyone who needs to motivate, guide, and inspire. This collection of eight of the Harvard Business Review's most influential articles on leadership brings together authors who challenge many long-held assumptions about the true sources of power and authority in today's businesses. 

Includes Articles: 
The Manager's Job: Folklore and Fact (Henry Mintzberg)
What Leaders Really Do (John P. Kotter)
Managers and Leaders: Are They Different? (Abraham Zaleznik)
The Discipline of Building Character (Joseph L. Badaracco, Jr.)
The Ways Chief Executive Officers Lead (Charles M. Farkas and Suzy Wetlaufer)
The Human Side of Management (Thomas Teal)
The Work of Leadership (Ronald A. Heifetz and Donald L. Laurie) 
Whatever Happened to the Take-Charge Manager (Nitin Nohria and James D. Berkley)

Paperback | 328 pages | $22.00 USD | 5.8 x 0.8 x 8.2 inches | 978-0875848839 | September 1, 1998